I have been a traditional artist for over 40 years, a graphic artist for over 20 years, and recently moved into the printing side of the business.


I offer digital files in the following formats: JPG, PNG, PDF, BMP, RAW, TIFF AND ADOBE FILES.
Most of the artwork I do is used for social media or tattoo concepts however, lately I have been asked to print the designs onto t-shirts and hoodies.
With the ability to offer custom artwork and printing, I can offer lower prices for your project.

I use Direct to Garment Printing (DTG) over Silk Screening to keep my printing prices lower than most. If you were not aware, DTG printing is becoming the new way of t-shirt printing and is much faster and cheaper than Silk Screening.
There are many articles online regarding the pros and cons of DTG printing online and I encourage doing your own research to see what you like better however, with DTG printing I don't have to charge set up fees or request you order a minimum amount to start.


I keep my prices lower than most graphic artists while still trying to eat and feed my dog. Cost depends on what you want designed and how long it will take. Easy designs like a team name in basic font on the left chest can start off at $35, while detailed custom artwork may take longer. Most designs are presented in a digital file however, some have requested sketches on paper for tattoos. Whatever your need, please DM or text to make an appointment and we will discuss prices.